Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I've come up with a better design, one that I like better and is a bit more quilt-square-y, if that makes sense! It's not as full of large pieces of fabric but of quilt blocks. Whew! I like the idea. It'll be fun to work with.

This is what the design will look like. I turned the panel on its end so that it is more in line with the size of the quilt. This will be a twin-size so it can grow with him. And the panel will afford him the opportunity to have a racetrack on which to drive his matchbox cars.

And this is what the blocks will look like. Sorta. They are half-square triangles, not strips with set-in squares or whatever. I don't do that set-in stuff. Too complicated. I like my quilt blocks simple. Not too simple, but simple. And the extra space between the blocks on the sides and the panel will be taken up by strips of checkered flag fabric. Not the real thing -- I wish. That would be totally awesome! But fabric from this Vroom! collection.

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