Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is totally off-topic -- it has nothing to do with quilting or anything of that sort. However, I just have to share it because it's so damn cute!

Yesterday was my birthday, and my friends and their babies were going to come to my work and take me to lunch. Unfortunately, plans changed and they couldn't make it. So Jami, who has a little boy, George, sent me a birthday pix message last night. Here's the pic:

How cute is he? Don't you just want to pinch one cheek and kiss the other? And how about those eyes? They are totally taking in the entire world, aren't they? My Georgie Porgie is just so cute. I had to share!

An update, October 21, 2008:

I plastered this photo all over my work computer's desktop. It makes me so happy to close my programs and see Georgie's adorable face looking back at me. How can I not smile?

And he was "Idaho Correctional Facility Inmate No. 467915" at my costume party this past weekend. How appropriate for a five month old is that?


  1. Oh he is a cutie patootie! :-) I hope you had a GRAND birthday, ya old lady!!!! ha ha ha

  2. Happy Birthday!! And what a complete cutie!!


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