Sunday, May 1, 2011


At least, I hope that's what will happen with this blankie.  I made my second and probably last Ribbon Blankie for my friend Deana and her soon-to-be-born son, Eli.  Her baby shower was yesterday, and she absolutely loved the blankie.

It turned out really cute, but I have to say that although the minky on the back is cute and soft and fluffy, I really don't ever want to work with it ever again.  It stretches way too much for my patience, which I must say is lacking.

I said on Piece N Quilt the other day that even though it was a pain, I didn't mind working with it because of the result.  I take it back!

I used a multi-shade teal thread for the top-stitching and a loop-de-loop stitch.  I will definitely use both the thread and the stitch again.  Forgive the pictures -- it's a bit fuzzy!

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