Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay, some of you know that I watch very little reality TV that isn't related to cops, except for COPS. That one gets old fast.

Anyway, the one non-crime-related reality TV show that I will watch religiously is Project Runway. I missed a few episodes here and there, but was always able to catch up thanks to cable's sometime annoying habit of replaying episodes over and over. Yesterday, I got to watch the final runway show and was totally impressed.

First of all, it was the first time the final three were all women. There was a woman from Africa and two very young girls from the States. Korto, from Africa, was one of my favorites this season. Sometimes, her work was a little over done. Other times, it was absolutely beautiful.

My least favorite was Kenley, and although I thought it was cool that three women made the final, I sort of wished she hadn't been there. Her attitude and even her voice pissed me off and made me hate her clothes, even if they were actually quite whimsical and lovely.

My favorite was Leanne. Her work was gorgeous. Simple and modern and fresh. And totally classic at the same time. I always judge the final runways by the adage, "Would I wear any one of these pieces in public?" When I can answer yes for each piece, that means the designer did a fantastic job, in my opinion. Granted, I'm not model-thin by any means, but I would wear each one of Leanne's pieces, even the ones that were entirely neutral (not my favorite color palette). And she won.

Congrats, Leanne, this season's winner of Project Runway. I love your collection!

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