Friday, January 9, 2009


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If there is such a thing. Anyway, I got a few questions about the tree skirts -- like how did I make the strips in the wedge shape. Answer: I cheated.

I used a wedge-shaped ruler I purchased at my local Craft Warehouse (my favorite craft store, by the way, which my family has dubbed "Crap Warehouse" even though it doesn't really sell crap). It's a 10-degree wedge ruler. And the ruler comes with a pattern. I tweaked my pattern, however, to use more of the fabric, since I cut my large strips without buying the ruler first (didn't have the extra $$ at the time). So I flipped the ruler over and did opposing strips.

I actually find I like that better. It's a little more intriguing to look at (or if you're my coworker Stretch, trippy). I really like it a lot, and I plan to make many more. I just have to remember to buy double-sided tape. Having tape really makes all the difference -- tape down that wedgie, or you're screwed!
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