Friday, September 19, 2008


I celebrate tonight -- because I'm going to sew. I was busy last night -- I had a volunteer orientation and then I hung out with my friends and their son and ended up babysitting for about 45 minutes.

He's really cute. I've included a picture just because George is cute, and now it is known why I get so distracted at their house. He's attempting to crawl, and he's talking, and he likes to stand up. He's 4-and-a-half months old going on 25 years, y'know? The picture is from when he was just a month old.

But he will not deter me from sewing tonight. I'm going to clean off my dining table and sew in there -- that table is higher than the piece of crap plastic one I sew on in my spare room. Plus, it's cooler -- thank God for eves on apartments. I have two more placemats to quilt, and I will finish them tonight. There's no more Psych on -- I'll watch it online when I go to bed. So I have plenty of time. I'm determined to finish them tonight and then prepare the bindings on Sunday -- busy Saturday! Mom's going to help me with sewing on the bindings. I'm not so hot at the hand-sewing. Oh well! Wish me luck!

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