Sunday, September 28, 2008


My mother and a bunch of her cronies up in Cambridge started a Harvest Festival last year. The parade wasn't too successful -- it lasted less than five minutes -- but was entertaining. The big draw was the market. It was a farmer's and arts and craft market.

They are doing it again this year. It's on Saturday, October 11. It's going to be fun. It was a blast last year. I sat at Mom's table and sold her hats and purses and took her first commissions. I'd like to have something of my own to sell. Perhaps I'll work on something this week since I have no money and tons of time on my hands. I haven't sewn at all for a while. I only have two placemats left to quilt, and they are already pinned (thank God -- that is such a pain in the ass), so it shouldn't take long. It's just painful since the table is so short and I'm so tall. Oh well!

Hope to see you at Harvest Festival!

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