Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I found a certain website through a friend of mine who has a different craft hobby than mine. I checked it out for my mother, who has the same hobby as my friend and then some. It looked like a great website. I really thought it was cool, and a little beyond my mother's powers -- which she would readily admit. I read later that there was a group of people who participate in my hobby, which you all know about. So I decided I would join this website.

I was on it for about a week or two, adding this and that to my profile and enjoying all the features that could be incorporated or thieved for my hobby. Then yesterday, I was basically told by the founders of the site that I was unwelcome. Others had complained about my profile because I didn't participate in the same hobbies that were on the site. And I was also told by members of other groups on the site that I wasn't using it how it was intending. I wasn't -- I admit that. But I wasn't the only one, and I certainly didn't expect to be basically banished from the website.

Therefore, I cleared all my things, quit my groups, deleted my friends, and said good-bye to this site.

PS: If you have any desire to know of which site I'm speaking, email me and I'll tell you. Otherwise, I'll not broadcast it. They know who they are -- I made my displeasure known.

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