Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, I'm waiting for fabric from to make a lap quilt for my sister who's moving to Australia.  While I'm doing that, I decided I would take the Tweet Tweet Charm Pack my mom bought me, and make half-square triangles out of the fabric.

My god-kids were here today, so they helped me sort my darks and lights, and we got to work.  Emily, my god-daughter, wants to learn to sew.  That was kind of the plan today.  However, even though she's six and has the IQ of Albert Einstein, she decided to run an index finger across the blade of my rotary cutter.  That's what I get for assuming she knew better!  So, no sewing for Emily.  Just some tears and tissue paper.  But she watched, and we did a fun little technique I saw on Moda Bake Shop -- making four half-square triangles with one pieces of Charm Pack.  Put the together RST, sew 1/4" all around the four sides, slice once on one diagonal, slice again on the opposing diagonal, and -- VOILA -- four half-square triangles.  I haven't pressed, but I'm going to do so to the dark side, as it were, and go from there.  Here are some pics.  Excuse the quality -- these are with my cell phone.

So, a little jumble of unpressed half-square triangles.  Fun times!

I tried to show off the different ones I've cut so far.  I have about 12 more pairs to sew and cut.  I'm thinking pinwheels, but I'm going to let Emily choose, since it'll be for her.

Here's a preview of a pinwheel, if we go with that.  I'm trimming the squares down to three inches.  Closest measurement I can get!  Fun times.

Enjoy the pictures.  Love this fabric collection.  It is darling.  So very fun.

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